The SCoRE project is one of our endeavours of compiling a multimodal corpus database of education discourse of Singapore schools. Since 2003, funded by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, through Office of Education Research(OER), National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, the project team has amassed a large collection of data on classroom interactions, teaching materials and students' assignments in Singapore primary and secondary schools from its various research projects. The aim of this project is thus to compile the data collected by several research panels of CRPP to a multimodal, multilevel annotated corpus database - the Singapore Corpus of Research in Education (SCoRE).

In addition to the collection of transcripts of classroom recordings, teaching materials and students artefacts, the project also attempts to annotate a number of corpus data at different linguistic and discourse levels. The proposed deliverables include a speech subcorpus, a lexical subcorpus, and several multilevel annotated subcorpora at different development stages. Eventually all these subcorpora will be indexed and incorporated into a large corpus database, which will be provided with sophisticated query tools for both online and offline queries.

We believe that building such a computerised corpus database of classroom discourse and attendant query tools can significantly benefit education researchers, linguists, teacher training practitioners, and curriculum designers with a corpus-based empirical approach and proof.

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