1. Introduction

In the area of educational research, some researchers tend to undertake small scale investigations that produce inconclusive and contestable findings. Given the lack of large quantity of data as support, it has been impossible to generalize such educational research results on the basis of the traditional pen-and-paper approach or observation-based approach (Cazden 1988).

The Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), National Institute of Education, Singapore, has undertaken a large-scale project to sample classroom interactions, teaching materials and students' artefacts in Singapore schools since 2003. This collection of data made it possible to compile a computerised corpus database of education discourse, the Singapore Corpus of Research in Education (SCoRE).

2. Objectives

The main goal of the SCoRE project is to provide a large general purpose resource for education researchers. In specific, we attempt to achieve the following objectives in this corpus database project:

  • to build a multimodal multilevel annotated classroom discourse corpus database;

  • to develop a sophisticated query engine for education researchers to do corpus-based studies on classroom discourse;

  • to provide empirical modelling of classroom interaction patterns;

  • to develop a bundle of automated discourse annotation and query tools;

  • to inspire and facilitate corpus-based investigation of linguistic variation within or across class sessions and disciplines.

  • In line with these objectives, the deliverables will include a speech subcorpus, a lexical subcorpus, and several multilevel annotated subcorpora at different stages.

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