3. Educational Applications

With these deliverables, the potential educational applications of this project can be carried out from the following several perspectives:

  • A multimodal classroom interaction corpus:

    Digital audio/video recordings of the classes make it possible to conduct in-depth classroom research on knowledge acquisition and pedagogy.
  • A multilingual and multidiscipline corpus:

    The corpus sampling of SCoRE project covers several curriculum subjects (Language, Literature, Science, Social Studies, History, and Mathematics) mediated in four official languages (English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil) in Singaporean primary and secondary schools. In this way, it is helpful for comparison studies across languages and disciplines.
  • Empirical model of classroom practice:

    There are many practices that are believed to be particularly useful in classrooms, but whose effectiveness has not been empirically demonstrated. Many of these can be investigated in the searchable database of classroom interactions.
  • Resource for teacher training or professional development:

    With the abundance of sample classroom interactions collected and annotated, teachers and teacher trainees can gain new perspectives about task design and input that leads to effective teaching practices and better understanding of how learners may grasp one level of meaning rather than others.
  • Critical classroom discourse analysis:

    With the availability of authentic materials collected from real classroom interactions, researchers interested in conversation analysis can get access to meticulously recorded, carefully transcribed and linguistically annotated samples of natural data.

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